·  About the Capricorn Coast .

It has often been said that the beauty of the Capricorn Coast is one of Queensland 's best kept secrets. Situated virtually right on the Tropic of Capricorn it has an idyllic tropical climate with moderate summers and warm sunny winters.

The main centre Yeppoon, population approximately 20,000, is one of the largest and fastest growing coastal communities in the state. Local industries include fishing, pineapples, forestry, and a thriving tourist trade with visitors from all over the world coming to enjoy this unique coastal and island playground.

The Capricorn Coast offers a much sought after alternative to the crowded bustle and jostle of the many 'fast-lane' holiday destinations. The lifestyle and infrastructure are unashamedly 'laid-back'.

Families in particular are drawn to the wide variety of accommodation packages on offer and more than 40 kilometres of safe beaches.

There are international style resorts like Capricorn International with full resort facilities including fine restaurants, wilderness wetlands, two international competition standard golf courses, and one of the largest pools in the southern hemisphere featuring a man-made beach. As well the coast offers a wide variety of motels including a 42 unit $40 million dollar 4.5 Star accomodation building called "Echelon" on Yeppoon's main beach , standard holiday units, self-contained apartments, caravan parks, and camping grounds. There's something to suit every taste, budget, and lifestyle.

When it comes to things to see and do the Capricorn Coast really shines. There are national parks, more than thirty sun-soaked islands, and a myriad of attractions both natural and man-made, including the Crocodile farm, Camel treks, fascinating limestone caverns, Koala and Wildlife Sanctuary, and spectacular wetlands with bird and wildlife often compared to Kakadu, and much much more. The Capricorn Coast main area stretches from the pristine creeks and rainforests of Byfield in the north to the picturesque townships of Emu Park, Zilizie and Keppel Sands.

Byfield is a short 40 minute drive north from Yeppoon. As well as its magnificent State forests, national parks and natural attractions it has arts and crafts, devonshire teas, restaurant, native and tropical plant nursery, trail rides, and other activities available.

Rosslyn Bay boat harbour with its 400 berth marina is the hub of the local fishing industry and home port for the many cruise and charter boats that service Great Keppel and the Islands . Along with cruise boat terminals and souvenir shops, there are also accommodation facilities, restaurants, kiosk, boating supplies, fishermen's co-op and the coast guard.

The Scenic Highway wends its way along the 16km of spectacular coastline between Yeppoon and Emu Park . The views are superb and there are safe beaches, the Causeway Lakes , tourist attractions, picnic areas, great fishing spots, accommodation and caravan parks to be found along the way.

Emu Park is the coast's second largest centre and site of the famous Singing Ship Monument . It has up to date amenities including hotel, restaurant, accommodation, caravan parks, gift shops and general stores, as well as arts and crafts outlets, historical museum and information centre.

Discover Great Keppel and the Islands .

The history of this picturesque group of Barrier Reef Islands , as far as European man is concerned, began with Captain Cook's famous 1770 voyage of discovery when the bay and islands were named as a tribute to Rear Admiral Keppel.

Aboriginal history goes back much further. Over 45,000 years in fact, according to archaeologists. The tribe which inhabited Great Keppel island were the Wapparaburra. Although small in number, they had a rich cultural and spiritual life with songs, dance and ceremonies distinctly different from the mainland tribes.

Today's voyage of discovery to the Keppels is a relaxed 30 minute jaunt in one of the fast comfortable cruise boats which operate several times weekly from Rosslyn Bay . Great Keppel is the most popular destination and offers a broad range of facilities and accommodation. There is currently one resort "Wapparaburra Haven" catering for both day-trippers and holiday makers, along with a Youth Hostel catering mainly for back-packers and youth groups. Wapparaburra Haven has budget-priced holiday cabins and camping facilities, kiosk, gift shop, licensed restaurant, dive shop, and watersports hire. 

A second Resort Complex on Great Keppel has currently been given "State significance" by the government for a proposed Revitalisation Plan to be lodged by resort owners Tower Holdings Pty.Ltd. and once approved will constitute the most substantial new tourism investment in Australia for over 20 years. In general, the Revitalisation Plan will comprise of a new hotel at Fishermans Beach, a marina, retail shopping and restaurant facilities around the marina, a Greg Norman designed championship golf course, golf country club facility with tennis courts and swimming pools, world class day spa facility, upgrade to the existing airstrip facility and a range of low rise tourism accommodation. The economic and tourism benefits for the local region are expected to be enormous. The project is expected to have a total development cost of $1.15 billion and will inject approximately $145 million per annum in direct tourism revenue locally. Once fully operational, the resort is expected to create 1,400 jobs in the Capricorn Coast region and an average of 410 construction related jobs each year during its 15 year construction period. The substantial economic benefits to all local businesses and the multiplier effect of this investment will be shared throughout the whole Central Queensland region..

Other Great Keppel attractions included gift and shell shops, reef and dive excursions, and kilometres of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The Middle Island Underwater Observatory is a unique attraction that provides visitors with an actual window to the wonders of the under water world. Surrounded by natural coral, the area literally teams with marine life of every shape and description, and nearby a sunken wreck provides a haven for fish, sea snakes, turtles and a family of huge cod.

Other Islands in the Keppel Group offer limited facilities as well. Pumpkin Island has self-contained holiday cabins. National Parks Dept. also allow camping and day trips to a number of Islands subject to visitors obtaining the necessary permits.

Other interesting features of the Coast are its numerous safe swimming beaches with a winter water temperature of 20/21 degrees, good fishing, beach or boat, and kilometers of level beach to walk on if you are not keen on swimming. It would be remiss not to highlight the extent of the recreational fishing and boating in our very safe waters of Keppel Bay . The safety aspect is comforting for the boating fraternity who are protected from the large ocean swells by the Barrier Reef and near shore islands.


Our coast market has been strong and shown steady increases in values over the past years. The Coast property market is backed by four major catalysts:

1.The University of Central Queensland based in Rockhampton 

2.The well paid coal miners of Central Queensland

 3.The Grazing community of Central Queensland (Rockhampton is well know as the Cattle City of Australia) 

4.last but not least, a good all year round tourist flow - Southerners in Winter (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide) and Central Queenslanders in summer.

Central Queensland is the major market area for our property sales with a population of approximately 200,000 people. The commercial wealth of Central Queensland is well evident when one considers that although it represents approx. 8% of the population of Queensland its export income exceeds one quarter of the states production.

Property development at the Coast largely embraces the housing/unit sector with modern units strung along our beachfronts as well as in the CBD of Yeppoon. Housing in general presents modern brick four bedroom residences both single and double storied, many with quality sea views taking advantage of the surrounding rolling hillsides. The older style “Queenslander” home also adds to the view scape of the town, Yeppoon being established in the late 1800’s. when sugar and later boarding colleges were its main industries.


All in all the coast is seen as having much appeal not only for investment but also for its lifestyle. It has three secondary schools two of which are Boarding Colleges, 4 primary schools, two hospitals - one new public and one private, a large modern university 20 minutes drive away and very friendly hospitable people who welcome our visitors with warmth and kindness. Over half our current population identify to the "visitor" category who decided the warmth and beauty was too good to leave. Please drop in and test the water for yourself … you won't be disappointed.


Jared and Brian Hooper.